Trusted House focuses on each system and room in your home to ensure that every detail is cared for in the most logical and effective way, from winterizing the property to checking your mezuzot.


Our unique subscription model and repairs hotline allow you to enjoy peace of mind in your home. Here's how the service works:

  • We start by mapping out and inspecting every room and system in your home. 

  • We then schedule any needed repairs and create a customized preventative maintenance plan for you.

  • In addition to all scheduled services, you can use our handyman for any needed repairs on his regularly scheduled visits.

  • Need an emergency plumber or electrician? Our hotline is available to send you a contractor right away without having to worry about the language barrier.

"Your quick and thoughtful replies to my emails have made me feel very confident that we made the correct decision to hire Trusted House to help us in our move.  We are so glad that we took the time to stop by your booth (at the Nefesh B'Nefesh Mega Event)."

Pamela L, Future Olah

Maryland, USA