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Finding the perfect home in Israel is challenging. Properly financing, maintaining, and getting the most out of it can be even more difficult.

The cultural, bureaucratic, and regulatory differences between Israel and other countries, coupled with a lack of trust in the real estate industry, create many obstacles for individuals looking to rent, purchase, renovate and care for their home or investment property.


This is true for those who have made Aliya as well as those living abroad.

Trusted House was formed in 2018 as a merger between budding agencies who believed in addressing those challenges and providing a new level of service for people who really need it.

The goal at Trusted House is to be your feet on the ground and the advocate on your side.

We start by working with you to understand all your needs and challenges. Next, we explain the processes that you’ll go through and how best to prepare. Finally, we walk with you step-by-step until you have made your housing dream a reality.

We work across Israel. To date, we have helped hundreds of clients from Afula to Be’er Sheva and everywhere in between.


Trusted House provides an unparalleled level of personal service and attention to detail for clients with a broad range of services:


Housing services for ‘Olim’: Including renting, buying, mortgages, and pilot trips.

Maintenence Icon.png

Home Maintenance +: One-stop-shop services for maintaining your home.

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Property Management: Ensuring the physical and financial wellbeing of your investment property in Israel

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Urban renewal: Helping you navigate the financial, regulatory, & architectural preparations to maximize the potential of your property in Israel.

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Renovations & Building: End-to-end services for new construction or remodeling.



Trusted House was founded by people who genuinely care about fixing the issues in the Israeli housing industry and are passionate about providing amazing customer service. We actively seek out partners across the country who believe in our values and care about providing real value.


Oded Stern, Founder & CEO

Oded was born in Miami, Florida, and grew up in Tel Aviv. A serial entrepreneur, Oded has a knack for finding innovative solutions. He has spent the last decade applying his abilities in the field of residential real estate and property management. A father of six, Oded holds a BA from the Zell Entrepreneurship Program and an MBA from IDC.

Hillel Davis, Partner & Chief Customer Success Officer

Hillel made aliya from Cleveland, Ohio and has been helping his fellow olim with everything from finding rental apartments, to buying houses, to maintaining their residences from afar since 2013. To date, he has worked with clients from six different continents. He holds a BA and MBA from Bar Ilan University.

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Elon Anderson, Housing Journey Specialist

Elon is originally from Los Angeles, California and made Aliyah in 2022 after his service in The IDF Paratrooper Brigade. He has a background in sales and is passionate about Aliyah and helping Olim. He is super friendly, positive, and determined.


Yoni Hyman, Mortgage Consultant

Yoni has arranged and succeeded in attaining new mortgages and refinancing existing ones for over 1000 families. Yoni’s prime goal is to make clients’ mortgage process as painless and stress-free as possible.


He pays attention to the individual needs and financial concerns of each and every client, negotiating with the banks on their behalf and then securing an appropriate mortgage that addresses those needs with the best terms possible.

Yoni helps clients navigate through all the bureaucracy, legal and insurance-related issues. Yoni has an MBA in real estate finance and a BA in Statistics from Hebrew University.


Interested in joining our network? Please contact us at

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